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Environment Category

At we know there are already incredible players in the hospitality industry that are having a positive impact on the planet. Hotels in our network embrace a wide array of environmentally conscious decisions such as: choosing sustainable suppliers, building green facilities, implementing responsible waste management practices, ocean conservation and much more!

Featured ecological hotels

Book Mas Salagros EcoResort

Mas Salagros EcoResort

Vallromanes, Spain
Supporting Environment

Located only 30 minutes from Barcelona amid the Serralada Litoral Protected Park, Mas Salagros EcoResort is the first 100% ecological EcoResort on the peninsula. With its bioclimatic architecture and efficient energy consumption, organic gastronomy, sustainable room decoration and responsible waste management, Mas Salagros aims to provide a more responsible type of tourism while reducing energy consumption naturally. Every guest is given the opportunity to experience the slow movement and embrace a unique sustainable experience.

Book Rio Celeste Hideaway Hotel

Rio Celeste Hideaway Hotel

Rio Celeste, Costa Rica
Supporting Environment
Supporting Community

Rio Celeste Hideaway Hotel is nestled in the lush tropical forests of the Tenorio Volcano National Park in Costa Rica, setting itself apart as a caring eco-tourism community that has impacted its local communities in a positive way. Rio Celeste Hideaway strives to create a sustainable, safe and immersive environment for guests, having dedicated 90% of its 75 acres to protecting the endangered Baird's Tapir and 95% of its employees being locals from surrounding communities. Prospective guests can feel confidant knowing that their stay at Rio Celeste will not only offer them a tropical escape, but also make a positive contribution to its local environment.

Book Cap Rocat

Cap Rocat

Mallorca, Spain
Supporting Environment

Cap Rocat is an exceptional hotel located in Llucmajor, Spain. Nestled among a 30-hectare nature reserve and 2 km of marine-protected coast, the 19th-century military fortress is dedicated to environmental friendliness and sustainability. Guests can rest assured that their visit contributes to protecting the area's natural environment, as well as to global sustainability initiatives, such as the protection of marine life and access to clean water in underprivileged areas.

Book LJs Ratxo Eco Luxury Retreat

LJs Ratxo Eco Luxury Retreat

Puigpunyent, Spain
Supporting Environment

Located on the UNESCO World Heritage site of Sierra de Tramuntana, LJs Ratxó is a luxury eco-retreat providing guests unrivaled privacy, tranquility, and sustainability without sacrificing comfort and luxury. Through initiatives such as using local products, sourcing endemic plants and setting up renewable energy sources, LJs Ratxó is committed to environmental conservation and sustainability, making it an ideal destination for travellers seeking a greener and more sustainable holiday.

Book Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna Hauptbahnhof

Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna Hauptbahnhof

Vienna, Austria
Supporting Environment

Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna Hauptbahnhof is located in the vibrant city of Vienna, Austria, offering guests an exciting cultural experience. Through their sustainable initiatives and community focus, the hotel makes a positive and lasting impact on the world. From the organic food sourced from local farmers and CO2-neutral suppliers to the environmentally friendly skincare products provided in the guest rooms, this eco-conscious hotel is dedicated to sustainable practices, providing guests with a conscious travel option that they can trust and feel proud to support.

Book VIVOOD Landscape Spa Hotel

VIVOOD Landscape Spa Hotel

Benimantell, Spain
Supporting Environment

The VIVOOD Landscape Spa Hotel is located in Benimantell, Spain, nestled in the Guadalest Valley of Alicante. Its environmental construction and integration into the local landscape make it a unique and sustainable destination. At the VIVOOD Landscape Hotel, guests are invited to experience the beauty of the Spanish countryside while receiving luxurious hospitality in a sustainable environment.

Book NOA Boutique Hotel

NOA Boutique Hotel

Oleiros, Spain
Supporting Environment

NOA Boutique Hotel is ideally situated on the bayside of Santa Cruz de Oleiros and provides guests with a stay that is both luxurious and environmentally responsible. Its extensive use of renewable energies and geothermal underfloor heating, as well as its commitment to eliminating single-use plastics, make it one of Galicia's most sustainable hotels. In addition, the hotel's emphasis on using organic and local products offers guests an eco-friendly experience that prioritizes the planet.

Book Six Senses Douro Valley

Six Senses Douro Valley

Lamego, Portugal
Supporting Environment

Six Senses Douro Valley is located in the inspiring Quinta Vale de Abrão, Portugal and is renowned for its commitment to preserving the natural environment. Its pioneering approach to sustainability has drastically reduced its ecological footprint, from adopting circular solutions to working closely with its suppliers to eliminate single-use plastics. With its emphasis on responsible tourism and social responsibility, the hotel offers guests the opportunity to be part of the movement to promote environmental and economic health and strengthen local communities.

Book Hotel the YARD

Hotel the YARD

Berlin, Germany
Supporting Environment

Your Impact

When booking a hotel that deliberately chooses to evolve in response to our planet’s needs, you are helping to combat the global climate crisis. Hundreds of hotels in our Sustainability & Environment Purpose Category have understood that in order for us to continue exploring the beautiful corners of our world, they must support us by providing ecologically conscious accommodations. You can book confidently knowing that the hotels in our network have decided to implement a sustainable policy, which in turn has a positive environmental impact throughout their entire supply chain. Together we can consciously choose to support hotels that are adopting better waste management policies, becoming chemical-free spaces, and implementing Green Discounts for guests who choose to travel on trains.