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We’re a social business. For every booking we donate a percent directly to the Good Training Program, a bespoke hospitality training course for those who are unemployed or experiencing homelessness. The program includes three months of classroom study and paid work experience. After graduating, every student has the chance to work full-time at of our carefully chosen partner hotels. So far we’ve retrained more than 300 employees and the success rate (people with a job 12 months after graduating) is over 70%.

Marten Dresen Good.travel

Marten Dresen

  • Good Group Founder
  • Hotelier and Social Entrepreneur
  • @martendresen
Alyssa McGarry Good.travel

Alyssa McGarry

  • Chief Creative Officer
  • MA in Socio-Economic Development
  • @alyssaya
Bas Schleijpen Good.travel

Bas Schleijpen

  • Founder Good.travel
  • Chief of Technology
  • @basfluencer
Palak Bothra Good.travel

Palak Bothra

  • Marketing and Community Manager
  • MSc in Marketing and Digital Media
  • @palakbothra


We are a team of avid travelers that created Good.travel - the newest and most robust hotel booking platform - so you can easily find hotels that are doing good! And we go beyond just eco-friendly hotels, our database is full of purpose-driven hotels that give back to the environment, local community and celebrate diversity. After traveling the world, our team noticed that hundreds of hotels have gone through great measures to support us in traveling more consciously, and we want to make it easier for you to find them!

The Good Group

Taking inspiration from Nobel Peace Prize laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, the Good Group aims to showcase a different approach to doing business. Everything we do is oriented towards creating human value, for the long term. Financial value is a means to that goal. People are at the heart of all we do, every day.

We are a non-dividend company built on entrepreneurial spirit, and the belief that one day, all business will be social business. We lead by example, and we invite you to join us on this mission.

Good Training Programme Good.travel

Good Training Programme

  • Bespoke hospitality training course
  • Retrained more than 300 unemployed
  • Success rate over 70% upon gradutation
Good Charity for Education Good.travel

Good Charity for Education

  • Ninos de Guatemala non-profit
  • Educating 600 underprivileged children
  • Sponsor a child today!
Good Community Venue Good.travel

Good Community Venue

  • Venue for community happenings
  • Marketplace for independent brands
  • Safe communal spaces for all
Good Property Development Good.travel

Good Property Development

  • Repurposing derelict buildings
  • Preserving historic architecture
  • Partnering with local designers

Your Impact


Hospitality jobs created for those who were previously unemployed


Underprivileged children sponsored to receive a high quality education


Purpose-driven hotels in our network also giving back in their own way